A Brief Overview Of Garage Door Frame Weather Stripping Marina Del Rey

Is your garage feeling a bit cooler than normal, or maybe you’re seeing leaves and other debris inside even though you keep the door closed? This is a common problem for people with garages, especially in older homes. You may be concerned that it’s happening because strangers are going into your garage when you aren’t home, but it’s usually due to a less serious problem. It’s most likely because your weather stripping is failing.

What is Garage Door Frame Weather Stripping?

You have most likely winterized the doors and windows of your home by installing an insulation product called weather stripping. When installed properly, this stripping product seals your windows and doors and prevents air and debris from entering through these entry points. It’s the same concept for garages.

Garage door frame weather stripping is used for the exact same reason. When installed properly, it prevents dust and debris such as leaves from blowing inside your garage through unprotected cracks and crevices. It also helps somewhat with temperature regulation.

Because many homeowners do not extend their heating and air conditioning into the garage area, keeping the garage cool in the summer and warm in the winter is challenging. By installing weather stripping around your garage door and the frames of any windows that are present, you can help regulate the temperature somewhat. It won’t stop your garage from getting cold in the winter, but it can seal out cold winter wind that will make your garage even colder.

This benefit is even more important for garages that do have heating and air conditioning extended into them. Without this weather stripping in place, your heat and air will regulate the temperature in your garage less efficiently due to air escaping through open cracks as well as air entering in from the outside,which will cause your electric bill to be higher.

If leaves and debris are mysteriously showing up inside your garage without explanation, before confronting your neighbor to see if he’s been going into your garage, check out the weather stripping. This is the most likely cause of the problem. If it’s worn out, replacing it is simple, and you can pick up what you need at most any big-box hardware store.